For development  of  Condensend Matter Physics in Asia-Pacific Area

Since January 01, 2021



Division of Condensed Matter Physics in AAPPS

 Condensed Matter Physics is one of the major parts of physics that covers a wide range of disciplines. It is constantly developing with strong interactions with various scientific areas and contributes to the expansion of human knowledge and the developments of society. In the Asia-Pacific region, research and education in condensed matter physics are actively studied, and exchanges of personnel and knowledge are becoming more active across the region year by year and global international exchange. 

 Given this situation, there is a strong need to form an organization representing the scientific community for systematic and continuous exchanges to further develop condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region. We have been continuing our discussion to form the Division of Condensed Matter Physics, despite the difficult situation due to the coronavirus in most of 2020. Based on the meeting organized on December 04-05 , 2020, here, we declare the founding of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics together with the founding members from physical soceities and invite many researchers in the Asia Pacific Physical Area to join this division.

Chair Prof. Je-Geun Park Seoul National University
Vice Chair Prof. S. M. Yusuf Bhabaha Atomic Research Center
Vice Chair Prof. Hiroyuki Nojiri Tohoku University



The DCMP starts  


The DCMP EXCO meeting was hold. 


The Exective meeting was hold.